Melinda’s first cookbook, “Low Oxalate Fresh and Fast Cookbook” grew out of her love of cooking and the desire to help others prepare a variety of fresh and healthy low-oxalate meals. Her second cookbook, “Real Food Real Results” includes gluten-free, low-oxalate, and nutrient-rich recipes. Her experience with chronic illness and research on the potential ill effects of harmful foods led her to evaluate and rework her recipes which transformed her own life and health.









Optimal health, vibrant energy, and ideal weight can all be achieved with real food nutrition. Nutrition with real food is eating organic real foods and removing processed and refined foods as well as foods responsible for allergies and autoimmune disease. This holistic approach gives the body a chance to detoxify and reset health.

Learn how simple it can be to put delicious, nutritious, home-cooked, low oxalate meals on the table in 30 minutes or less. A low oxalate diet is a meal plan that is low in oxalates to help heal symptoms of bladder pain, kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and pain associated with oxalate stone formation in other parts of the body. It’s a prevention diet often recommended for kidney stone issues.

Small changes in diet make a huge impact on health.  Most chronic illnesses experienced today can be prevented or reversed by utilizing the power of food as medicine.